Gold coin 20 Dollar American Double Eagle | Saint Gaudens | 1920

Gold coin 20 Dollar American Double Eagle | Saint Gaudens | 1920

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Gold coin with purity 900/1000 was issued by United States Mint. More information

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The American Double Eagle gold coin was minted in the St. Gaudens and the older Liberty head design. American Double Eagle gold investment coins were minted by the USA Mint (S - San Francisco Mint, D - Denver Mint, No mint mark - Philadelphia Mint) from 22 carat gold in the years 1907 - 1933 weighing 33.4360 grams and containing less than one troy ounce ( 0.9675 oz - 30.0926 g) of pure gold, the remainder traditionally being copper. The St Gauden design has an inscription under the heading "LIBERTY".

The reverse depicts a young eagle in flight at sunrise. Text: above the eagle "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", verbal denomination "TWENTY DOLLARS" and below the eagle the famous motto "IN GOD WE TRUST".

The obverse shows a walking figure of Liberty (Svoboda) with flowing hair, holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. The United States Capitol is almost hidden below. This is followed by the text "LIBERTY" and the year of publication

Prior to 1850, the highest denomination in the United States was the American Eagle ten dollar gold coin, but since the US Mint began issuing twenty dollar gold coins, these coins became known worldwide as the "Double Eagle". The motto on the Saint Gaudens motif "In God We Trust" was originally omitted in 1907-1908 because then-President Roosevelt did not see fit to place God's name on money. By a congressional decision, the motto was reincorporated into the design in mid-1908, as a result, two types of Double Eagle coins were issued in 1908, one with the motto and one without.

The United States Mint

The Mint was established in 1792 by Congress under the Coinage Act and was originally administered under the Department of State. Under the terms of the act, the first mint building was located in Philadelphia. Headquarters are in Washington, D.C. and today it operates in Denver, San Francisco and West Point in addition to Philadelphia, and other branches are located in various parts of the USA. The mint is state-owned. The most popular are the gold and silver American Eagle, minted since 1986.