Gold coin 10000 CZK Pražský groš | 1997 | Proof

Gold coin 10000 CZK Pražský groš | 1997 | Proof

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Gold coin - 31,107 g - with purity 999,9/1000 was issued by the Czech National Bank. More information

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After the establishment of the Czech Republic in 1993, the Czech National Bank returned to issuing gold coins, but unlike Czechoslovak coins, these are not commercial coins, coins with a nominal value are minted. The first series was the Czech crown issued in 1995. It is a series of four coins with the motifs of the coins of the Czech lands (CZK 1000 – the motif of the triducate of the Silesian estates from 1621, 2500 CZK – the motif of the tolar of the Moravian estates from 1620 , 5,000 CZK – the motif of the golden clip of Rudolf II from 1587 and 10,000 CZK – the motif of the Prague penny). The second series is devoted to the activities of Karl IV. and was issued in 1998 (1,000 CZK – Karlštejn, 2,500 CZK – legal documents of Charles IV, 5,000 CZK – Charles University and 10,000 CZK – New Town Prague). The coins of both series were struck from pure gold 999.9/1000 and their weight is based on the troy ounce and its parts (10,000 CZK - 1 oz, 5,000 CZK - 1/2 oz, 2,500 CZK - 1/4 oz and 1,000 CZK - 1/10 oz). The release of these two gold series marked the end of the second millennium.

At the beginning of the third millennium, the CNB switched to five-year emission plans, and in each emission plan 10 coins are issued in thematic series. A series of ten gold coins with the theme Ten Centuries of Architecture has already been issued with a face value of 2000 CZK coins weighing 1/5 Oz 6.22g, a series of Technical monuments of cultural heritage with a face value coin 2500 CZK weighing 7.78g, series Mosty in the nominal value of a coin 5000 CZK weighing 15.55g, series Castles in the nominal value of a coin 5000 CZK weighing 15.55g and the currently issued Cycle of the Municipal Heritage Reserve, also with a nominal value of a coin of 5000 CZK weighing 15.55g. Starting in 2012, in addition to the thematic series, the CNB also started minting coins for extraordinary historical anniversaries and events Extraordinary minting. These coins are minted in the nominal value of 10,000 CZK and weigh 1 Oz - 31.1g.

Weight 31,107 g
Diameter 34 mm
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Purity 999,9/1000
Country of origin Czech republic
Year 1997