100g Gold Bar | Valcambi

100g Gold Bar | Valcambi

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Gold bar - 100 g with purity 999,9/1000 was minted in a Swiss refinery Valcambi. More information

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Investment gold bars have a 0% VAT rate. According to § 92 of Regulation No. 235/2004 Coll., on value added tax, investment gold is subject to a special regime and is therefore exempt from VAT without the right to tax deduction. Swiss gold bars made of 24 carat gold correspond to the London Good Delivery Standard (LBMA) and are therefore accepted without problems on all world markets.

Valcambi S.A. is a Swiss mint and precious metals refinery based in Balerna, Switzerland. The Valcambi Refinery is one of the leading producers of investment gold, silver and other precious metals in the world and is also known for its innovation in the production and design of investment products. Their products may include aesthetic features and technical improvements. Valcambi products are usually marked with various certificates and accreditations that confirm the purity and authenticity of the precious metals it produces.

Category Valcambi
Weight 100 g
Note Illustrative photo
Purity 999.9/1000
Country of origin Switzerland